Halley and Lou

It’s never too late to find love. Just ask Halley and Lou who reconnected over Facebook after 30 years. They dated briefly when they were students at Duquesne University. Halley attributes their chance meeting to Lou’s style of learning that kept him on campus for an extra year.

They had been apart all of their working lives, yet each struggled with their own grief and loss. Halley pursued her calling; Lou pursued his (whatever it is, we’re sure he hasn’t figured it out yet, but one thing’s for certain, it involves Halley).

Well, what is a soul mate anyway? “Not someone who’s identical to you,” Halley puts it, “But a partner with whom you share values and a commitment to bring out the highest good in each other.” Lou says, “There’s a coupling of two people’s development into one path—so her development is as important to me as my own.”

Halley and Lou eloped in a private ceremony at Pittsburgh’s West End Overlook where they exchanged handwritten vows and danced to some classic, feel-good 80’s hits (check out their awesome playlist). The guest of honor? Halley’s aging boxer, Rocky. The couple shared a celebratory toast and cannoli from Moio’s Italian Bakery in Monroeville.